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Building on my previous knowledge of embedded systems, I started learning to use and program on Linux.

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The distro used is Yocto all information is available on the Intel Edison website. One of the prototypes we worked on relied on using a wireless Playstation 4 controller for locomotion user interface.

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The concept of using an input device on Linux is not complicated, but can be a daunting task for someone new to Linux programming. Hence, I have decided to write this article giving an example of using an input device on an Embedded Linux platform.

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Of course, if you don't have the IDE, you can compile the code through the terminal and I'll tell you how to do it at the end.

If you are using a platform other than the Edison, details may change but the general idea is similar. Additionally, it is assumed that you have a basic understanding of C programming.

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The device drivers in Linux abstract away the low-level nitty gritty details of the interface with the input device, presenting an input through file descriptors that can be interfaced with as files. The input devices can be viewed and read from in the Linux environment just like files, as mentioned before.

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Initially, before the mousse de slăbire pentru corp perfect castee is plugged in, you can see that there is an event0 and an event1 file. Upon connecting the mouse, you can see an event2 file.

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Now to make sense of this input, decipher it and meaningfully use it, I have written a simple C application. I'll walk you through the process of developing it before I provide the code.

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First thing to do is to go through these references as part of the kernel documentation:.