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Horubet Mircea: III. Morarasu Nadia Nicoleta: I. Nica Ioana: II. Popescu Roxana-Iuliana: II. Education in Great Britain Shopping in London Engineering Jobs and Career Opportunities The Industrial Revolution The Romanian Industry after Industrial Design Automotive Design Graphic Design Driving an Electric Car Cigarette Pack Graphics How Radar Works The Electric Circuit and its Elements Electrical Generators Random Noise in Electronic Devices Management vb goudie pierdere in greutate Historical Development Industrial Management Quality Management Determination of Velocity Ratio Aeroplane Crashes Train Crashes Sea Collisions Acids, Bases and Salts Oxidation and Reduction Aminoacids and Proteins Food Fats Can Honey Heal?

Are You Looking After Yourself? The Humble Spud Food Poisoning Development of Environmental Engineering The Scope of Environmental Engineering Earthquakes The Era of Communication Microchips: A Look to the Future Computer Viruses Sampled-Data Systems Stored-Program Concept Time Sharing Error Detection The Present Tense Simple The Present Tense Progressive The Past Tense Simple The Past Progressive The Present Perfect Simple The Present Perfect Progressive The Past Perfect Simple The Past Perfect Continuous The Future and Futurity Modals and Semimodals The Passive Voice The Infinitive The Participle The Gerund The system of education is determined by the National Education Acts.

Schools in England are supported from public funds paid to the local education authorities which are responsible for organizing the schools in their areas.

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Education in Britain mirrors the country's social system: it is class-divided and selected. The majority of schools in Britain are supported by public funds and the education provided is free. They are maintained schools, but there is also a considerable number of public schools.

Most pupils go to schools which offer free education, although fee-paying independent schools vb goudie pierdere in greutate have an important role to play.

Another important feature of schooling in Britain is the variety of opportunities offered to schoolchildren. Besides these subjects they must do some general education subjects like PE, Home Economics for girls, Technical subjects for girls, General Science.

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Computers play an important part in education. The system of options exists in all kinds of secondary schools. The National Education Act in provided 3 stages of education: primary, secondary and further education.

There is no law which provides for education on the underfives. In addition many children attend informal pre-school play groups organized by parents and voluntary bodies. The National Curriculum introduced in sets out in detail the subjects that children should study and the levels of achievement they should reach by the ages of 7, 11, 14 and 16, when they are tested.

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The tests are designed to be easier vb goudie pierdere in greutate teachers to manage than they were in the past. Most pupils will also be entered for GCSEs General Certificate of the Secondary Education or other public examinations, including vocational qualifications if they are Until that year, headmasters and headmistresses of schools were given a great deal of freedom in deciding what subjects to teach and how to do it in their schools so that there was really no central control at all over individual schools.

The National Curriculum does not apply in Scotland, where each school decides what subject it will teach. According to The National Curriculum schools are allowed to introduce a fast stream for bright children. Actually after young people reach 16 they have 4 main 'roads' of their next life: they can leave the school, stay at school, move to a college as a full time student, combine part-time study with a job, perhaps through the Youth Training programme.

School-leavers without jobs get no money from the government unless they join a youth training scheme, which provides a living allowance during 2 years of work experience. But a growing number of school students are staying on at school, some until 18 or 19, the age of entry into higher education or universities, Polytechnics or colleges.

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Schools in Britain provide careers guidance. A specially 7 trained person called careers advisor, or careers officer helps school students to decide what job they want to do and how they can achieve that.

Entry words education n. Synonyms - n. If they passed they went to a grammar school - its name comes from the medieval system of teaching Latin grammar as the basis of education.

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If they failed they went to secondary modern schools which were closed after when comprehensive schools were introduced. The grammar and secondary modern school were replaced by large comprehensive schools in to provide an equal secondary education for all people, regardless of ability. The vb goudie pierdere in greutate size of a class is 30 pupils.

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Entry words school n. Christmas ~. He is usually a prominent statesman or Peer and is elected for life.

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This is the name of the examination taken by school children at the age of sixteen. Grades go from A to G, but pupils can fail completely.

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The "A" Level - Advanced Level - was introduced in It is an examination taken by pupils at the age of 18 and it is open to anyone who has studied for it. The "O" levels are taken in eight or nine subjects while the "A" levels in two or three subjects.


In order to be accepted by a university a pupil needs eight good grades at "O" levels and 3 "A" level passes. Seven independent boards at the major universities are required to write the "A" levels topics for the exams which are 11 taken in May and June. If the pupils fail, they can re-take the exams in November or January.

Students who wish to study for such degrees are usually registered in the first instance for a Master of Philosophy, then for a Ph. The M. The Îndepărtați petele de grăsime din bumbac. D thesis must run towords and should make a significant contribution to knowledge.

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Social Sciences. Computer Studies. The PE and Music Departments in most English vb goudie pierdere in greutate are also served by visiting teachers who can be available for the child with the ability and will to learn how to play an instrument or to take part in a wide variety of games and outdoor activities.

Children receiving tuition are expected to take part in the musical ensembles and teams of the school. Samples of certificates: - Certificate of attendance: X attended the Summer school at the University of The course Area officer - signature.

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The drawbacks and advantages of boarding-school education. The influence of education on personality. What is success in education? Is education motivated by self-interest?

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